Discover the new feature ‘Just Ask’ in the SAP Analytics Cloud!

SAP has introduced a new feature in the SAP Analytics Cloud called “Just Ask”. This innovative query function allows users to ask questions in natural language and receive immediate, understandable answers, thanks to the powerful AI functionality integrated directly into the SAP Analytics Cloud.

With “Just Ask”, data analysis becomes effortless. Simply ask a question as you would to a human analyst, and receive meaningful charts, tables, and other visualizations as an instant response. The best part is that you can trace every step of the process in detail, ensuring a thorough understanding of how your question was interpreted and the results generated. You can then seamlessly integrate or further analyze these results in your own stories.

Another feature of “Just Ask” is the ability to pre-define the data model to be used, providing relevant suggestions for dimensions and metrics as you type. Experienced users can also establish specific rules for the data model to refine and enhance the accuracy and relevance of the results.

Take advantage of this new functionality and discover a more effective and user-friendly approach to data analysis in the SAP Analytics Cloud! We are confident that “Just Ask” will elevate your data analyses to a new level.

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