Aquatherm improves its processes with SAP Digital Manufacturing

Successful implementation of a standardization project: aquatherm optimizes production processes with BA Business Advice GmbH and SAP Digital Manufacturing

In today’s dynamic business world, efficiency and flexibility are crucial factors for a company’s success. This is especially true in the manufacturing industry, where a smooth production chain is of central importance. aquatherm, a leading manufacturer in piping technology, has recently taken a significant step towards process optimization and standardization. In cooperation with BA Business Advice GmbH, BA.X PEX was first introduced as an interim solution and then SAP Digital Manufacturing, which is to be used for every machine in the long term. Jens Junghanns (CIO, aquatherm GmbH) says: “With the introduction of SAP DM, we have reached an important milestone at aquatherm. Thanks to SAP DM, we now receive precise production data in real time, which enables us to operate smoothly. Despite occasional challenges, we were always able to rely on the expertise and exceptional commitment of the BA team during the implementation project. This collaboration has impressively demonstrated the great results that are achieved through teamwork and perseverance.”

The path to standardization

“By using the SAP fit-to-standard approach, we were able to avoid customer-specific developments and maintain our existing processes without having to make significant changes to the production processes,” explains Keller, aquatherm’s in-house consultant. This approach enabled the company to make the implementation process efficient while maintaining continuity in the production processes.

With the active support of BA Business Advice, aquatherm was able to go live in just six months after a three-month proof of concept. This rapid transition demonstrates the effectiveness and smooth running of the implementation process, which was significantly influenced by the close cooperation between aquatherm and BA Business Advice.

Advantages of standardization

The implementation of the standard machine template brought numerous advantages for aquatherm:

  • 100% uniform overview of production processes: standardization has enabled aquatherm to gain a uniform and comprehensive overview of all production processes. This makes it much easier to monitor and optimize processes.
  • 90% less time spent on PC-based tasks: Automated data exchange eliminated the majority of PC-based tasks, allowing machine operators to concentrate on their core tasks. This led to a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.
  • Increased transparency through a single source of truth: The creation of a central data source for manufacturing operations significantly improved transparency. All relevant information is now bundled in one place, facilitating decision-making and shortening communication channels.
  • Improved data quality and time savings: By eliminating manual processes and interfaces, data quality has increased significantly. Machine operators benefit from the time saved and can concentrate on value-adding activities.
  • More accurate real-time data for transparent production management: The provision of real-time data enables key stakeholders to make informed decisions and make production management more transparent.
  • Foundation for improved data analytics and AI solutions: With the implementation of the standard machine template, the foundations have been laid for advanced data analytics and the use of AI solutions. In future, these can help to further optimize production processes and increase overall efficiency.

The next steps

Looking to the future, aquatherm plans to introduce the solution in all production areas. In addition, the SAP Digital Manufacturing Bundle will be used to control production processes even more efficiently and to expand the integration of data exchange between SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Digital Manufacturing bidirectionally. Furthermore, the use of SAP Analytics Cloud and the Production Connector is planned to support data exchange between SAP Digital Manufacturing and industry-specific standard data sources.


The successful implementation of the standard machine template at aquatherm impressively demonstrates how the targeted use of technology and cooperation with experienced partners such as BA Business Advice GmbH can lead to significant improvements in production processes. The insights and benefits gained lay the foundation for sustainable and future-oriented corporate development, which will help aquatherm to remain successful in a highly competitive market.


You can read more about the project directly in the SAP blog post.

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