Five reasons for RISE WITH SAP

Have you thought about switching to the next-generation ERP system from SAP? The world as we knew it has changed irreversibly. Now more than ever, companies are relying on intelligent applications and technologies for automated digital business processes and a new bottom line.

Why are so many companies making the switch now? They are doing it for a variety of reasons. But many are doing it to respond to five current realities:


I. Innovation is a competitive advantage

The industry leaders in past recessions were those who introduced innovative business models and processes faster than their competitors.

II. Uncertain times prevail in the economy

If you want to be successful despite economic uncertainty, you need fully transparent, end-to-end digital business processes. SAP’s intelligent ERP is designed to help you analyze, forecast, collaborate, decide, plan and react at the critical moment – no matter what comes next.

III. Cost pressure has increased

The need to cut costs and increase efforts to do so has never been more urgent. SAP’s intelligent ERP supports smart enterprise-wide automation to increase efficiency, gain intelligent, personalized insights, and boost productivity.

IV. Change happens at a dynamic pace

In times of rapid change, it’s difficult to strike a good balance between customer demand, business priorities and industry-specific disruption. This modern ERP solution helps companies understand situations faster to adjust plans, reallocate resources and adapt processes at the pace of the market.

V. The cloud offers growth opportunities

The cloud is rapidly becoming the new standard for turning capital costs into operating costs and supporting remote working. RISE with SAP paves the way to the cloud by protecting your current ERP investments, driving continuous innovation and scaling operations – at a low total cost of ownership.



Our vision is to help all our customers become Intelligent Enterprises to achieve new business outcomes. Intelligent Enterprises are integrated companies that derive their intelligence from data. To support our customers on their journey to becoming Intelligent Enterprises, we integrate data and processes, build flexible value chains, innovate with industry best practices and empower our customers to understand the sentiment of their customers, partners and employees, and conserve their resources – making them more resilient, profitable and sustainable.

RISE with SAP brings together the key intelligent solutions and services you need for true business transformation in one package. RISE with SAP is a complete offering that provides a path for every customer to become an Intelligent Enterprise in the cloud, regardless of starting point or complexity.

We help you plan your transformation on your terms and on your timeline. You will receive end-to-end guidance and immediately benefit from proven tools, services and methodologies to drive your transformation.


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