BA.X Mobile Warehouse App

Mobile data capture via scanner or mobile screen and an easy-to-use app enable faster and smoother operations in warehouse logistics.

You save time and costs.

Your employees work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes, thanks to reduced travel distances and real-time data transmission. Follow-up processes are simplified because you have faster and more reliable access to current data. Your customers will appreciate this, as they will be served more quickly. Additionally, you have seamless traceability of your goods, as you know at all times where they are moving or stored. This transparency gives you a competitive advantage and ensures that you remain competitive in the future. Digitize your warehouse now!

Warehouse Management 4.0

Is your warehouse the beating heart of your company? bustling with pickers, warehouse staff, and forklift drivers? Enormous efforts from skilled professionals and logistical resources are required to steer the apparent chaos in the right direction?

We can help! With years of experience and field-tested apps that have already simplified warehouse processes for numerous companies. With a digital strategy and an interface to your own business processes. With a quick start for fast results. Give us a call, we’d be happy to advise you.


  • Time savings with every goods movement
  • Direct start without intensive training effort
  • A secure future, the app is release-ready
  • Flexibility through a role-based structure
  • Modern software based on SAP UI5 or Android
  • Transparent representation of your warehouse
  • Easy operation through intuitive tile design
  • Scalability and adaptability, the app is configurable and expandable
  • Full control through process integration (interface)

Intuitive operation

An app that is intuitive to use. You can use the app on a scanner, smartphone, or tablet. This makes you always mobile and directly on site.

Modern Design

Modern tile design, intuitive to use. The content of the tiles is freely selectable, so the processes important to you, such as picking or storage, can be prominently displayed.

Transparent data

Transparency of your inventory through real-time data transmission. This way, you always know where your goods are stored or where they have been moved. This increases the efficiency of subsequent processes.

Optimized processes

With the ideal overview of your inventory, you also smoothly supply your production with required components. This way, you are also able to meet your customers’ demands more quickly.

Scope of delivery of the BA.X Mobile Warehouse App

We provide you with a transport request that includes the following features:

  • the pre-built interfaces based on SAP UI5 (or the installation file for the Android app)
  • a framework including all core functions for navigation and interface to business logic based on ABAP/4 ObjectsIf you choose the Mobile Warehouse App, everything happens quickly. We deploy the solution with the help of an SAP transport request. You will receive training on the technical features from one of our experts and a written user documentation.


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Our Solutions

Our guarantee of success lies in the flexibility and customizable parameters, enabling you to map out your unique and specific production processes and operational workflows. Benefit from the versatile advantages of our solution, which functionally replace standard transaction codes in SAP S/4HANA for payroll slips, time events, and progress reporting.

BA.X Inventory Tool

Modern Warehouse Management – Made Easy


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With real-time data processing

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