Our sponsorship: “Together for our region, environment and future!”

For us, commitment to our region, our environment and the next generation takes center stage. We firmly believe that local activities and clubs are a pillar of our community. That is why we are committed to supporting and strengthening these important initiatives through our sponsorship.

Strong together: our sponsorship for
regional sports clubs!

We strengthen our community by sponsoring regional sports clubs. These clubs are not only places of sporting excitement, but also important hubs for social bonding and personal development. Through our commitment, we not only support the teams on the pitch, but also promote team spirit, health and well-being.

BA Business Advice as sponsoring partner of Rasta Vechta

BA Business Advice is a Bronze Partner of Rasta Vechta as a sponsor partner. “We think what Rasta has achieved in the club’s history is outstanding and would like to support the club even more with our commitment”, says Dieter Hackmann, Managing Director of BA Business Advice GmbH, “regional commitment is very important to us, and of course we also want to present ourselves even more strongly as an employer brand locally”.

Golfclub Oldenburger Land

We are proud to support the Oldenburger Land Golf Club and the Oldenburger Liga Ladies. These partnerships enable us to promote and experience the world of golf. The Oldenburger Land Golf Club offers its members and guests a first-class golf course and a lively club life. By supporting the Oldenburger Liga Ladies, we contribute to the promotion of women’s golf and support talented players on their way to sporting success.

For a greener future: Our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability!

We are also committed to protecting our environment. We therefore particularly support projects that are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. We are convinced that we share responsibility for our environment and must preserve it for future generations.

1500 trees from the region – for the region

Our energetic BA team planted a mixture of beeches, oaks and native shrubs in the small village of Littel near Oldenburg in December 2021. Wearing wellies and rainproof clothing instead of a laptop and project methodology, we got down to business. Under the expert guidance of the responsible forester, Mr. Feiner, the approximately 1 meter tall seedlings were placed in the ground.

Compensation for trips with the company car
“As SAP consultants, we are often on site with our customers. Close cooperation with the customer is the basis for our success,” says Uwe Ziewer, Managing Director of BA Business Advice GmbH. The journey to the customer often has to be made by company car, as the sometimes long distances often leave no alternative. Despite the use of e-cars, car pools and trips with Deutsche Bahn, this still adds up to a few kilometers driven. To compensate for this, offset CO² emissions and support the environment, this year we decided to reforest the nearby area.

Promoting young talent: opportunities for young talents!

Another important concern for us is the promotion of young talent. We therefore specifically support programs and projects that offer young people opportunities to develop, learn and grow.

Kinderlachen e.V.

We are very pleased to support the organization Kinderlachen Oldenburg e.V..
With the wish tree campaign, we can fulfill children’s Christmas wishes and give them a moment of joy.
In addition, the BA team has collected a donation for the organization to make further campaigns possible in the future.

BA Business Advice GmbH – Supports the Oberschule Osternburg in Oldenburg!

BA Business Advice GmbH has donated 13 laptops to the Osternburg secondary school to promote education and digitalization.
It is our deep conviction that education is the key to unlocking the potential of young people. These laptops give the students at Osternburg High School access to contemporary technologies that expand their learning opportunities. They can now carry out research projects, deepen their IT skills and develop digital literacy.
We not only want to promote the education of our children, but also help to equip our schools for the digital future.
A big thank you to Oberschule Osternburg for their cooperation. Together we can advance the education and development of our students and shape a promising future.
We look forward to accompanying Oberschule Osternburg on their educational journey.