Mechanical & plant engineering

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Mechanical and plant engineering

As a machine and plant manufacturer, you operate internationally. The market is becoming faster, customers more demanding and the pressure to innovate is increasing. To cope with this, you need to optimize your internal work processes.

Product configuration

As a variant manufacturer, you face the challenge of bringing more complex products to market faster.
The new variant configuration – SAP Advanced Variant Configuration – supports you in this.
The modern new user interface makes it easier to enter and edit variants. Embedded in SAP data objects sales order, product master, purchase order and production orders

Benefit from BA’s many years of experience in setting up variants. We develop the structures together in the project and you can set them up for other products.

An astronaut's hand works on a highly complex machine
An astronaut's hand works on a highly complex machine

Production planning

Use the SAP component Embedded PPDS – Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling for your production planning.

Real-time planning and scheduling using the live cache. The planning functions are integrated in delivery scheduling and disposition of purchased parts. Plan multiple production sites taking into account resources, stocks and transportation times.

Rise with SAP

Develop resilient industrial manufacturing processes,
that can not only be established, but also scaled,
while supporting new innovative business models.

Production control

Smaller order sizes and short throughput times require new structures within production. It is only possible to produce batch size ONE economically with intelligent IT.

Benefit from the advantages of SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM). DM is the SAP cloud product that contains all the functions of an MES – Manufacturing Execution System. A high level of integration with inventory management and quality management enables the mapping of process chains.

All you need is simple feedback functionality in S/4HANA for your workers. BA’s many years of experience in production are reflected in our Solution BA.X Production Execution.

BA.X Production Execution

We help you improve your production processes!

Project management

Extensive systems require planning, control and monitoring as part of a project lasting several months. We can advise you on mapping your requirements in the SAP PS – Project System module.

  • Plan the resources with milestones.

  • Control your internal production with production orders that are billed to the project.

  • Use the cost planning and control functions.

  • Create a schedule with the support of milestones.

Supply-Chain Management

The supply chains between the customer, you as the producer and the suppliers will become even more digitalized in the future. From integrated planning to the electronic exchange of orders and customer orders, order confirmations and shipping notifications, as well as electronic invoicing, BA will provide you with comprehensive support in setting up your supply chain. We help you to utilize SAP functions in all areas. From complex cross-plant planning to sequence planning in a production area.

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